1978 Elsberry UFO Flap

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The UFO activity stopped abruptly in Elsberry on July 17; picked up again on July 24 in Steelville.

There were no UFO reports in any Missouri county for 6 days.  Activity resumed on July 24 in Steelville. And when it did it seemed to follow Highway 44. On July 26 reports came in from Washington and Union where the Winscher car lift case occurred. They then went back to Elsberry, Lincoln County.  The only other time there was a break in the reports was June 30 through July 6 a span of 5 days. With so much activity, why did the reports stop for days throughout the state? Where did they go?

Steelville        July 24, 1978      CE 1     Blue marker

Ft Wood         July 25, 1978     CE 1     Orange marker

Eureka           July 26, 1978      BOL     Yellow marker

Union              July 26,1978       NL       Tourq pin

Washington     July 26,1978      NL        Purple pin

Union               July 26, 1978     CE1 CE2    Car Lift    Purple car

Elsberry           August 4, 1978    Dark blue pin

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