1978 Elsberry UFO Flap



1978     APRIL    26        ELSBERRY         LINCOLN             JOHN MAYES

Black Angus Hereford Cross Breed.  Right ear cut off. Small udder and sex organs cut off on left side. No rigormortis, no smell. No tracks, nor grass mashed down. Found 650 yards from house.                              -----------------------------------------

1978      JUNE                 WENTZVILLE     ST.CHARLES

1978      JUNE      6         OKETE               LINCOLN             F. GLADNEY

Black Angus heifer, three months old, 200 lb.  Right ear and eye off. Tongue cut out to base of neck. Found half mile from road.


1978      JUNE     10        ELSBERRY        LINCOLN             RUS. TAYLOR

Hereford male calf. Opened up from chest to udder. No flies. Found in open field 300 yards from house.


1978      JUNE     17        ELSBERRY        LINCOLN             H. HAGEMEIER 

2 mutes. Hereford cow, 7 years old. Ear off, both eyes cut out, tongue completely gone. No blood. New born Hereford calf, ears and tongue removed. Found 1 mile from house and half mile from road.    Dropped through trees.

1978      JUNE     17        ELSBERRY        LINCOLN             S. MAYES

Steer. No blood no sign of struggle. Rectum and reproductive organs removed. Circle of dead grass 5' diameter found where animal lay.


1978      JUNE     23        ELSBERRY        LINCOLN             RBT. TAYLOR

Steer.  Dead but not mutilated.  (NOTE: A witness viewing at the Forrest Keeling  Nursery, northeast of Robert Taylors farm, told of seeing an object descending in vicinity of the Taylor farm at 12:01 am on 6/23. He reported that the sky was clear and no mention of rain or a storm. Vet called it a lightning strike.)               


1978      AUGUST              IBERIA                MILLER


1978      AUGUST    4        DIXON                 PULASKI                           WARNOL 


1978         AUG.  7         ELSBERRY                LINCOLN                          VITRO

Black Angus Hereford Cross steer.  300 lb. calf.  No blood left. Hide stripped on right side.

No tracks of any kind.  Found in blackberry patch, not easily accessible by foot.


1978          SEPT. 28              BLUE. SPRINGS                 JACKSON              SCHROUT

Fenced and padlocked field. Animal not visible from road. Animal appeared to have been
dropped straight to the ground coming to rest on its right side.Left ear eye and tongue removed with what appeared to be a sharp cutting instrument. Two identification tags removed and left on ground near carcass. From Police report.


1978      OCT.      12        DIXON                       PULASKI




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