1978 Elsberry UFO Flap

                1 Hynek's scale
  • Hynek devised a sixfold classification for UFO sightings: They are arranged according to increasing proximity.

    NL:    Nocturnal Lights. Lights in the night sky.

    DD:    Daylight Discs. UFOs seen in the daytime, generally having discoidal or oval shapes.

    RV:     Radar-Visual. UFO reports that have radar confirmation. These seem to offer harder evidence that the objects are real, although radar propagation can often be unreliable

    CE1:    Close Encounters of the First kind. Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than 500 feet away that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail.

    CE2:    Close Encounters of the Second kind. A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged. This can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device; animals reacting; a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness; or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorched or otherwise affected vegetation, or a chemical trace.

    CE3:    Close Encounters of the Third kind. UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.

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