1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO Flap


 1978      APRIL    26           MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN           JOHN MAYES

 Black Angus Hereford-Cross Steer Calf 350 lbs.  Right ear cut off. Small udder and

sex organs cut off on left side. Clean straight cuts on remaining organs. No rigor mortis,

no smell. Neither tracks, nor grass mashed down. Found 650 yards from house. "Carcass laid

undisturbed, usually predators will start on body as soon as they find it but no animal has

even come to look at it." Ron Mayes. ⦁ 39.13026, -90.84508 (Found 4/26 last seen 4/22.)


1978      JUNE      8            MUTE    OKETE            LINCOLN       FORREST GLADNEY

Black Angus heifer calf, three months old, 200 lb.  Right ear and eye off. Tongue cut out to

base of neck. Udder, rear end, legs, sharp cut 4 inches across on right side. No blood.  

Found half mile from road near a creek. Tree 15 feet away had dead streak, leaves starting to

die all the way down. Flies stuck to trees. The carcass was limber. Other animals shied

away. "I am familiar with predator damage, this is not predator damage." Orange lights were

seen in the area of the dead heifer Friday, Saturday and Monday nights.

⦁ 39.10523, -90.93364 (Found 6/8 last seen 6/5.)


1978      JUNE     10           MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN       RUSSELL. TAYLOR

Four month old Hereford male calf. Opened up from navel to testes. Intestines inside. No

flies. Found in open field 300 yards from house. If lightning strike, damage to tongue and

hooves. None present.⦁ 39.10442, -90.86736 (Found 6/10 believed to be missing 6/8)


1978      JUNE     17          2 MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN      HENRY HAGEMEIER 

2 mutes. Hereford cow, 7 years old. Ear off, both eyes cut out, tongue completely gone, no

blood. 23/8 inch hole found on inner thigh where blood removed. New born Hereford calf; ears

eye, tongue removed, no teeth. Found 1 mile from house, half mile from road spring runs

through field.. Tree branches broken where cow was dropped. Grass mashed down,

believe cow was trying to protect calf. Cuts turned black. Orange lights were seen in

the area of the dead animal days before and after it was found. . 39.15206, -90.8442  

(Found 6/17 missed on 6/14)


1978      JUNE     17           MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN      SAMMY MAYES 

Calf. No blood nor sign of struggle. Rectum and reproductive organs removed. Cuttings

about 14 inches in diameter. Circle of dead grass 5’ diameter found where animal lay. 

⦁ 39.13179, -90.84148


1978      JUNE     23          MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN       ROBERT TAYLOR

Cow and calf. Cow was down with calf visible in the birth canal. Vet called it death by lightning

strike. Taylor said that when an animal is hit by lightning it blows off their hooves. He did not

believe it had been struck by lightning.
  Note: A witness sky-watching at the Forrest Keeling

Nursery northeast of Rbt.
Taylor's farm, told of seeing an object descending in the direction of

the farm around 12:01 am 
on 6/21. He reported that the sky was clear and no mention of

rain or a storm.
  ⦁ 39.11283, -90.89549

1978      AUG.      7            MUTE    ELSBERRY         LINCOLN             LILLIAN VITRO

Black Angus Hereford Cross steer 300 lb. calf.  No blood left   Stripped of hide on the

right side.  No tracks of any kind.  Found in blackberry patch, not easily accessible by foot

or vehicle must pass Vitro house to get to it.. Heard animal screaming as if in pain

Saturday morning 8/5 around 12:35 AM.  Body mushy, bones blackened where cut.

39.104529,  -9-90.889242.                              


CALF is defines as a young bovine animal, especially a domestic cow or bull, in its first year.



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